Belking G to N problem

I've setup a new wireless install as follows:

Belkin Pre N router, Belkin "High Speed" 11g desktop NIC # F5D7001, and a D-Link NIK running 11b. One computer is hard wired. All OS's are WinXP Pro with all updates including sp2. 4 machines total.

My problem is on the machine running the 11g NIC I have a user that is not an administrator. When logged in as a user the NIC is disabled, that is the "radio" is off and I can't turn it on so there's no connection. If I make that user an administrator all is well.

The machine with D-Link card works fine.

I've called Belkin and they indicated that they've seen this once before and it went to second level support then I got cut off. Will call tomarrow.

Any thoughts?

Unless you folks have something I'll post their solution when I get it.

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Don W.
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Well I talked to Belkin and they say they say there's nothing wrong with the card. Instead, either there's a service that's running that shouldn't, or one that's not running that should.

Any thought on what that service might be?


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