Linksys WRT54GS - can't connect from LAN

I picked up this unit to try out as a wireless access point on my network. I currently use a D-link DI-624 but I wanted to try the Linksys to see if I get better range.

The D-link is currently used as an access point only. I have a wired router/firewall that works fine. The D-link is connected to a wired router through a cross-over cable and DHCP is shut off.

I disconnected the cross-over from the D-link and plugged it into the Linksys but the Linksys doesn't respond. I tried a normal (non-cross-over) and it didn't work either. I then plugged the Linksys directly into my computer and it responded just fine.

I'm sure there is no conflict with the IP address and the DHCP on the Linksys is turned off. Could I be missing something?

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Are you plugging the router into the WAN or LAN port of the WRT54GS?

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The LAN port. Basically, I'm duplicating the setup with my D-link. Just replacing the D-link with my Linksys. Can't imagine why it wouldn't work.

I read somewhere that the Linksys has an auto-switching feature that precludes the need for a x-over cable. Anyone know if that is true?

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