Sipura 3000 experience

I'm looking for anyone with experience with the new Sipura 3000 VoIP box. I need the FXO feature that others lack.

I also seek info re: dealers. I hear that the sum total of support available is from the reseller, not Sipura. Thus, I'm wondering who is [un]happy with one or another...

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David Lesher
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I've had one for a week or so now. It works, but I'm not happy with the default gain settings on the FXO->VOIP direction. Sending a call from pots->sipura->budgetone-100 leaves one with a call that is very low in volume. I could understand it if I were on a long loop, but I'm told my line is now on an RT that is less than 1kft from my demarc.

I tried poking around google a bit to find out what a 0dbm signal would map to in pcm-ulaw, but I haven't had much luck. I really need to get the fxo gain-calibrated a bit better before I put it in series with the house phones.

I do like the fact that the fxo and fxs pass the CID correctly. First hack will be to do a local DB lookup in asterisk for calls that come in with only a number.

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had it in stock when I looked, so I snagged one from them. It doesn't look like that many of the other voip dealers had any stock yet.


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