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I've just bought a Sipura SPA 3000 after having a play around with XLite and being quite happy with VoIP (using 1899.com).

However, when I make a call over VoIP, the person I'm calling can hear me, but I can't hear them.

From looking around the web, it sounds like this is a common problem when a hardware VoIP device is behind an NAT (as mine is). However, I haven't really found a solution in works of one syllable! (I really am very new at this whole VoIP thing).

My internet connection is via a cable modem (2Mb down, 512Kb up), and the cable modem is plugged into a Linksys BEFSR41 router. My SPA 3000 is plugged into one of the ports on this router.

I've heard that a STUN server should be able to get around NAT problems, but although I've set a STUN server in the SPA config, I still get the same problem.

My router supports uPnP, which, again, I understand should make things easier! (I also know very little about uPnP I'm afraid!).

I get the same problem with a couple of different SIPs I've tried.

Does anyone have any ideas? Am I correct in thinking it's a NAT problem? Is it worth me putting the SPA in the DMZ and see if that works? Otherwise, do I need to forward any ports to the SPA? (although I thought STUN and/or uPnP got around this problem!).



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I've set "Insert VIA rport" and "Send Resp To Src Port" to "yes" (SIP -> NAT Support Parameters). That's gotten it working through NAT for me.


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Kyler Laird

What port have you set for the STUN server..?

Same here, but my router doesn't support it so can't say..!


Yes, try it, definitely. My SPA-2000 seems to require this on Sipgate.

*In addition* try forwarding ports 5004-5005, 5060-5061, 8000-8019 plus whatever port the STUN server wants. Default is 3478 although Sipgate uses 10000.


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Ivor Jones

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