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call forwarding without being involved in the loop possible?
Hello all, I know almost nothing about telecommunication, and google also did not result in much details about "call forwarding" technology. My question is, is it possible, say, after A called B, and...
1 year ago 2
Reason to install preview dialer software in call center process
Preview dialer software gives you preview the agent's query. Before cutting the current call, Preview dialer wait for connect to the live agent. Also Preview dialer gives pre-information to agents and...
1 year ago
video phone via landline
My question may sound weird but I could not find a clue online and I am not in telecom field. Hoping I can at least get some expert insight here. Than k you very much in advance! Assume there is no...
2 years ago 7
Ringback number needed in Maryland/Verizon (410) (443) (667)
An acquaintance is in a null zone for cellular, and needs a ringback number to call from a landline for installation and testing purposes. Anyone have a working ringback number for Verizon territory...
2 years ago
Want to sell following NOKIA Parts Pn Description Qty 083833A System module FSME 5000 083837A Flexi RF module FRGF 4000 083780A System module FSMD 3000 472084A.203 Flexi RF module FXEA 2500 472501A...
3 years ago
Aplane is off and B plane is on but i can't do a dbms save. why?
**hi . i have a sx2000 light switche MITEL . Aplane is out fo service and B plane is good . but i can't dbms save . when i type dbms save command sx2000 response " dbms save is completed" and flag all...
3 years ago
Caller ID stumper
Hello, My VTech phone (land line) Caller ID stopped working and only displays ?Incoming Call?. The CID works properly if I?m on a call and some else calls simultaneously. The CID also works if plugged...
4 years ago
Panasonic KX-T7431 password
I have a Panasonic KX-T7431 phone system and I forgot the password to make change to the names on the phone
4 years ago
Big Data Analyst Training
The amount of data produced across the globe has been going on increasing q uickly and will continue to grow at a speeding-up rate for the future (that can be imagined now). Big Data Analyst Training...
5 years ago
Hadoop Training In Bay Area
Hadoop is a very common and powerful (raised, flat supporting surface) for working with data, but it can be a little hard to get a grip exactly on wh at it is and what it does. Hadoop Training In Bay...
5 years ago
Hi, This is Naveen from SAGE IT INC. Hope you are doing great. Please send me your updated resume if you're interested for this position. State Agency: Arizona Department of Environmental Quality Job...
6 years ago
Big data Tutorials
With the span of information that should be handled developing so exponenti ally the business is progressing quickly making Big data Tutorials the lear ning and preparing required for the occupation...
6 years ago
According to the Leviton "Requirements Beyond Jacks and Cable:An Installation Guide 3RD Revision" it is regarding 66 Blocks and wiring 25 pair wiring to them
Hello! On Pages C-2 and C-3 they describe how to make use of an RJ21X connector and the 25 pair bundle and how to punch the bundle down to a 66 Block termination array. The illustration on C-3 shows...
6 years ago 2
dterm on a cisco vg248
is it possible to put an nec dterm phone on a cisco vg248 (or some other model) ... ?
7 years ago
How do I retrieve messages on my KX-7633 phone that I've already listened to
How do I retrieve messages that I've listened to but not deleted on my Panasonic KX-7366 phone? Guessing, dial 500 on the intercom and follow the prompts to retrieve old messages.
7 years ago 1