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Hi All I have just bought an SPA 3000 [Software Version: 2.0.13(GWg) Hardware Version: 2.0.1(1448) ]. When I connect to the spa from the browser as it shows Info,System,User 1,PSTN User tabs. When I click on Admin Login, it displays Http error 403 ie. You are not authorized to view this page. It seems very strange when I checked the sipura user guide it says, it should prompt for authentication. Is it something that I am doing wrong, or something with my browser? I'm using Winxp,IE 6. It works fine for other sites for authentication.

I'm thinking if the spa is locked or something. But when sold, said its not locked. I'm confused. If someone can give a little help most appreciated. Thanks.


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Rochana N
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Hi Roch

You might like to download this update and install this newer firmware first

formatting link

Once you've done that and its back up check and see if you can get admin access if not plug a phone in and use the **** to get to the IVR config, once there enter 73738# and 1 to confirm that will reset the spa3k to factory settings.

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I'll try to update the firmware and see if it will bring some luck. When I try to do factory reset using 73738# it asks for a password. May be it will change once I update the firmware. Thanks pcdoc

pcdoc wrote:

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