Have any experience with Symposium and Nice ?

Hi All, I'm new here. I have customer who has Symposium 5 and now bought Nice for total recording. All looks and works fine (Nice can record any call using ON/OFF hook feature to recognize a call), but we want to integrate both systems via CTI. I made configuration on the Nice switch drivers. And there were strange thing - there are two interfaces to configure (wizard first follows by CTI and then via CDR connector). Documentation provided by Nortel and by Nice to integration in poor. I really have no idea for what two processes start when I like to get information about call (time, answering agent ID, agent name etc) from CTI (Nortel Symposium).

Do you know proper configuration for those two systems ? Customer is not using VoIP (I assume that CTI driver setup on the Nice site is only for VoIP ?)

How can I check on the Symposium that nice connects/trying to reach CTI ? Nice uses port 3000. Is any test application on the Symposium which can show me data coming through CTI ?

I'm specialist of Avaya Call Center systems and Nortel solution is quite different :-(

Thank you,

Regards Mariusz

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Not sure of your setup but have used NICE (Renaissance kit with Wordnet recorders) with Symposium using a TAPI server running Nortel's TAPI SP, maybe this is an option?


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