Merlin Legend Mail Message Lights

We have a Merlin Legend Mail 007 MLM and the message waiting lights on the phones do not light up when there are messages waiting. I reset the 007 MLM.

Any ideas?

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Is this the outboard unit that connects to a single line board ? Check that the last port has ICM dial tone. Its the one that sets and resets the message waiting light.


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As long as we're asking questions about AT&T/Lucent/Avaya systems, I've got an older G3iV6 connected to a Prologix G3iV11 system via DCS. The Prologix is connected to an Intuity voice mail system.

It will not turn on the MWI lights on the G3iV6. It's driving me crazy.

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I am unsure....can you help.

I have included a link to an XLS diagram and a picture of the system:

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Thanks Bill

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