Q.: Message waiting light ... how? [telecom]

For about a year, now, sporadically, our little ILEC-supplied, stand-alone, Caller-ID box has taken to flashing an amber "Message Waiting" light after an unanswered inbound call has stopped ringing. Rarely -- maybe once or twice a month. More usually it turns on a steady, green, "New Caller-ID info" light instead. (Same LED lamp for both lights -- a 2-color device.)

We have no ILEC-supplied voice mail, so there's no actual message awaiting us. And going off-hook long enough to hear 5-10 seconds worth of dial tone is enough to make that "Message Waiting" lamp turn off.

So, my question is: what sorts of signal on the line might be causing that lamp to light? or to extinguish?

TIA for any known facts.



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Look up the ADSI standard. There are specific tone signals to turn the message waiting light on and off.

R's, John

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John Levine

Thanks, John. Actually, ADSI is far too undisambiguated for Google to be much help. But [ ADSI Message Waiting Signal Standard ] brought up a Wikipedia article that may well have answered everything I was wondering:

: Some [stand-alone Caller-ID] units will also display the text "MESSAGE WAITING" : (similar to ADSI-compliant telephones). These units do not use visual FSK to activate : their red LEDs, but instead, they briefly "pick-up" the line at certain intervals (normally, : within two minutes of a new call) to check for a "stuttered" dial tone. The presence : of a stutter dial tone will activate a red LED; while absence will deactivate it.

... both what might cause it to go flashing when there's no voicemail service for it to be reporting about, and why 5-10 seconds worth of fresh dial-tone may bring that flashing to a halt.

Cheers, and thanks again, -- tlvp

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If this is a regular POTS line from the phone company, chances are the box is just going off hook and listening for a stutter dial tone, to indicate a message waiting, any time after the phone has been used. I have multiple phones with line-in-use indicators, and I see this happening all the time, where the line-in-use lights up a few seconds after I hang up, then goes out again after a couple of seconds. I figure it's one of the phones that has a "Message Waiting" light on it, checking to see if anyone called while I was on the phone.

If the dial tone is impure or there is some sort of noise going on during the check, your Caller-ID box might be fooled into thinking it's a voice mail indication. When you go off hook yourself, it assumes you've heard the stutter dial tone, so it can turn its light out now.

Of course, digital lines have a completely different way of doing this.

John C. Fowler, snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com

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John C. Fowler

You and the Wikipedia article I quoted from in my response to John Levine support each other quite nicely, so I think I can safely take "stutter tone" and simple dial tone as the answers :-) .

Thank you! Cheers, -- tlvp

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