Merlin Classic Mail Hanging Up

I have a question hoping someone could help me with. My company has a merlin classic mail unit being used with a Merlin 820 sytem w/ Feature Pack 2. The voicemail works fine except that when people try to leave messages the system almost always cuts them off and says that they are not speaking loudly or clearly enough. We thought there might be noise on the lines causing this so we had the phone company check all of them and they said they are fine. I researched the topic and seems like the only thing that it could be is the "talk-off" feature setting which can only be adjusted through the RS-232 port by a technician. Does anyone know if that is really is the problem or have any other suggestions to fix this, or are there any work arounds. I've tried rebooting (not resetting) the system and it hasn't helped. Also the number 5 light on the unit seems to be always lit, I thought it was supposed to mean the unit was in diagnostics mode. Could that be related?

Thanks very much!!!


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