Merlin Legend MLX-10D "intercom" mode?

I'm trying to figure out how to set up an "intercom" station on a Merlin Legend R7 system with MLX-10D sets. What I need is a speakerphone that auto-answers incoming calls. It'll be installed next to a cleanroom station and I can't require the person to touch anything to answer incoming calls.

After looking through the Avaya manuals, it looks like the HFAI button is almost what I want, but it doesn't do anything. When pressed, the green LED lights, but incoming calls still have to be answered by pressing the "speaker" button or by lifting the handset.

Anybody know how to make an MLX-10D auto-answer incoming calls in speakerphone mode?

If not, is there some other set I can get that will do that?

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Grant Edwards
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Hands-Free Auto Answering only works on internal calls, but at least for internal calls it should do what you need it to. I'm not too familiar with Legends to suggest a workaround, so hopefully you'll get more posts here.


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It does work except for failures due to pilot error:

HFAI only picks up if the caller used an "SA Voice" button when placing the call. However, when I printed all of the phone labels way back when, I accidentally reversed the "SA Voice" and "SA Ring" labels, so I was using SA Ring when I thought I was using SA Voice.

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