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Some years ago, I had a friend [who is now departed] living in Bishopville, South Carolina. He had a feature added to his phone service that required the caller to enter a four digit PIN in order to get through to his phone after you dialed his phone number. I knew the PIN so I could call him when I needed to. But it shut down the telemarketers pretty quickly.

This was a great way to keep scammers from reaching you. Only people you gave the PIN to could actually reach you.

I now have an aunt who is getting pretty senile. Her son (a first cousin of mine) heard her almost give her Social Security number over the phone. Thankfully, he stopped her in mid-sentence.

He is looking for a way to keep her from receiving bad calls like this so she can keep her telephone service. He needs to be able to reach her as do others who have a legitimate need to call her. This might be a solution if it is available to her.

I do not what the name of this service would be. So, I can't tell my cousin what to ask for if he calls her phone company to se if it could be added to her service.

She lives near Atlanta, Georgia. She is on a POTS line.

Can any of you help me by providing me with the name of this service?



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Fred Atkinson
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Is AT&T the incumbent telco for Atlanta, GA? Have you tried calling AT&T customer service? If they can't help you, call the "retention team"; they are more experience in handling these matters.

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Michael Trew

It's free, as is all GV domestic use.

You get prompted if you are not in his Contacts list. If you are, he gets a robovoice with your name.

True. But GV can ring up to 6 numbers simultaneously plus VOIP apps.

Also note Callcentric offers Telemarketer Block. The caller gets prompted to "Dial 'n' to connect" when n is a random 0-9; 99.999% of the telesleeze do not. Again, a phonebook entry bypasses it. Users seem to love it.

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Sorry, I didn't write very clearly.

The point I was trying to make is that Google Voice can't stop robocalls which are randomly dialed: it only works to screen calls made to numbers that Sleezeoids have purchased from database vendors.


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Bill Horne

The Callcentric "press N to complete your call" works really well. I have it on all of my VoIP lines.

Callcentric is quite cheap and flexible. It can terminate calls on a hardware or software VoIP phone or forward them to POTS numbers.

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John Levine

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