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FTC To Hold Program On Protecting Kids From Stealth Advertising In Digital Media [telecom]
by Jeffrey A. Greenbaum The Federal Trade Commission announced ... that it plans to hold a virtual event to examine "how best to protect children from a growing array of manipulative marketing...
21 hours ago
Re: [telecom] ISDN's days are numbered: What should you do?
I don't often disagree with Fred on issues like ISDN, but I'm going to advance a different theory: I had a chance to test an ISDN line at my home near Boston, back around 1994 or so, and I was /very/...
4 days ago
CWA Bargaining Update [telecom]
Today is the fifth anniversary of the historic strike at AT&T Mobility when 40,000 CWA members walked off the job for a three-day strike in protest of the company's failure to invest in good jobs. As...
1 week ago
Biden Broadband Initiative Requires States to Consult with Unions on Broadband Buildout Plans [telecom]
The National Telecommunications and Information Administration's (NTIA) requirements for broadband projects funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, released last Friday, reflect the Biden...
1 week ago
Resale - Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Basic Rate Interface (BRI) [telecom]
Well, here's one answer to my question, although I don't know if the info is current. CenturyLink's retail telecommunications service, Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Basic Rate Interface...
1 week ago
ISDN's days are numbered: What should you do? [telecom]
I was talking to an old friend yesterday, and he told me that he's been working from home for a while now, and the conversation turned to ISDN phone service, which I recommend to anyone who can still...
1 week ago 5
5th Circ. Lets AT&T Off The Hook In Age Bias Suit [telecom]
By Patrick Hoff ยท May 17, 2022 The Fifth Circuit declined Tuesday to revive a suit alleging AT&T failed to promote a customer service representative three times because of his age, finding that...
1 week ago
Verizon follows AT&T's price increase with one of its own [telecom]
The company says it's trying to find a balance between price hikes and service By Gary Guthrie If you're a Verizon customer, get ready for a price hike. Following AT&T's recently announced price...
1 week ago
AT&T Releases Projections on Climate-Fueled Natural Disasters to Help US Build Resilience [telecom]
PUBLISHED 21 HOURS AGO. ABOUT A 3 MINUTE READ. The telecommunications giant hopes the publicly available data can help guide the climate-adaptation efforts of the people and communities it serves....
1 week ago
Unions continue pushing into Big Tech, telecom companies [telecom]
By Mike Dano Unions have long been a factor in the telecommunications industry, as workers look to gain leverage in negotiations over salary, conditions and benefits. But in recent months the topic...
1 week ago
Here's what to know about how new high-speed internet programs affect Iowans [telecom]
By Tyler Jett lot of Iowans are in line for faster - and less expensive - internet service as the White House rolls out new programs. As part of the $1 trillion infrastructure spending bill that...
1 week ago
Has ATT or others misled on monthly cost? [telecom]
MacRumors Had a rather curious move back to iPhone. I went from an Samsung S10+ to the iPhone 13 pro max. I was at an ATT store and asked the guy to calculate out the cost for me for monthly service...
1 week ago
Trouble calling 911 for AT&T customers across New Hampshire [telecom]
By Sydney Brown CONCORD, N.H. - A network issue for AT&T customers in New Hampshire and parts of northern New England prevented 911 voice calls from going through, the New Hampshire Division of...
1 week ago
Info about phone contracts in Ireland [telecom]
Here's some advice about phone contracts and what to think about when you get Irish phone service. There are lots of home and mobile phone providers and different types of contracts on the market....
1 week ago
Telecommunications in the Republic of Ireland [telecom]
Wikipedia has a good page about Irish telecommunications. It covers lots of things a visitor will want to know. Telecommunications in the Republic of Ireland - Wikipedia
1 week ago