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Quite some years back at a company I was working for, we had a situation like was described here. Apparently there was a car dealer that was the same number as our private line board except for two digits that were reversed.

Our private line guy kept getting calls from very upset customers. He kept telling them that this number was not the car dealership. But a lot of them did not believe him.

Finally, he started making promises about what the car dealer would do. He would tell them things like, 'Sure, bring the car back. We'll even give you a loaner car to use while we are doing the work'. I would imagine there were some very angry customers for that dealer to handle when they arrived and there was no loaner car available. It slowed down after a while, but it never completely stopped.

I had an aunt that had the problem that her number was 256-WXYZ and there was a pediatrician's office in town for which the number was 254-WXYZ. Those parents were driving her crazy as they would call at all hours of the night when their children were sick. The phone company called the pediatrician and offered to change his number at no charge, but the doctor refused their offer. She started blowing a whistle into the phone when these people would call. But as it was almost always different parents calling, it did little good.

I don't know why she wouldn't change her number. She had only had that number for a few years.



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Fred Atkinson
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Wrong number dialing is even worse now because of cellular phones, the dial pad is small and as I'm sure you know the moron is more then likely driving his car, smoking, eating, working on his laptop, sorting through his paperwork, reading a map and 50 other things. California has a hands free law, it appears to have made no difference, people still are holding the phone, and besides it is talking on it, not holding it that is the real problem.

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Steven Lichter

According to various studies, hands-free laws don't work. The problem is you are concentrating on talking to your boss, wife, customer, or whoever, not on your driving, and it doesn't matter where your hands are, unless she won't let go of them when you need to steer.

This has been known on radio call-in shows for some time. It's not that uncommon for the caller who is driving and trying to win some radio contest gets into an accident or near-accident clearly audible over the radio. The listeners don't hear the near-accidents caused by repeatedly attempting to dial (even with redial) to get into the choke line in the first place.

You need a brain-free cellular phone (also known as voice mail for many carriers). For a brain-free cellular phone, you don't need outgoing calls. Or outgoing text messages.

Exactly. And it wouldn't help if the phone was implanted into the brain so you could dial by thinking. (What old movie had The Phone Company trying to do that?)

Are there any states or cities that outlaw operating hands-free (and non-hands-free) phones while the vehicle is in motion? Do they exempt passengers?

Are there any states or cities that outlaw pulling off to the side of the road, THEN answering the phone? (that could also lead to accidents, moving right 6 lanes and stopping before the call goes to voice mail).

Gordon L. Burditt

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Connecticutt prohibets drivers holding cell phones; passengers aren't affected.

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...... About 14 years ago when I got my first cell phone, I had to perform on- call highly technical support duties and even with a hands-free kit I quickly came to the conclusion that I could not drive and provide the necessary concentration to handle a support call at the same time.

I just decided that I didn't have the spare "CPU power" in the wetware to do both at once, so I just stopped using the phone while driving and have never used it since when behind the wheel.

I'm one of those people who knows what is required to drive (and survive) on the roads, having done various driving and car control courses up to the level of being qualified to go racing.

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David Clayton

On Thu, 20 Nov 2008 01:05:06 -0500 (EST), snipped-for-privacy@burditt.org (Gordon Burditt) wrote: (without attribution to Steven Lichter)

The President's Analyst, 1967, starring James Coburn.

It was named the 'Cerebrum Communicator -- CC for short' .

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