Re: CallerID on Norstar NT5801FD-93 system

Hello all,

> Recently setup a used phone system for our office (NT5801FD-93) with > M7310 phones. The KSU supports up to 6 lines, but we only have 2 > lines at the moment. > The caller id does not display on the M7310 phones, but prior to > having a phone system, the regular household phones we had connected > to our 2 lines were able to display the caller id. > Is there some programming needed in the phone system to allow the > caller id to display? I logged into the KSU and didn't see any caller > id options, but I could have missed the section. (The phone system has > the following software installed: SP 30NSE08 DR5)

It's as you suspect, in need of programming. Take the box off the wall and replace it with a CICS 7.0 with CID trunks and you're good to go.

A 4x16 CICS will run about $1k.

Carl Navarro

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