Getting a phone to ring on a Norstar system

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This is probably a very easy question. Tho it has us stumped here. About a year ago, we setup our phones so that 3 of the 7 phones will ring. We currently have 3 lines that the main line will roll over and into if the 1st line is busy. Anyone answering 1 of the 3 phones will automatically pickup the line that is calling upon lifting the receiver. How do you set this up on in the programming section of the Norstar system? We need to have a 4th phone ringing when a call comes in.

We use M7310 as the main phone, and M7208 handsets everywhere else.

Tia Louigee

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Tia, Line appearance and ringing are set in the configuration mode of the Norstar system programming. This is generally accessed by Feature** config config 236344

But your password may be different and you may access it using admin config depending on the age of your system and model etc etc.

You choose the set DN you want to change the line appearance on and adjust to appear and ring. 01, 02, 03 or whatever your trunk numbering is. I'm assuming two digit numbering based on the number of lines you have.

If you need more assistance provide the exact model of Norstar you are us> Hi All!

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