Set Relocation on old Norstar

I ran into an old compact Norstar system (don't know which software version) that has very few programming choices. If I remember correctly, in the very early days the Set Relocation feature was always turned on and couldn't be turned off. Subsequent releases let you program whether you wanted it on or off.

I just added a new T7316E to this old system. Then the customer wanted to switch sets with another desk, so I moved the jumper in order to keep the dn's the same (not knowing yet that set relocation was on). Now the new set has the old set's dn and the old set has lost it's speed dial buttons above the 7310 dislplay.

Is there any way to get things back to normal? Thanks. Jim

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Lost the speed dial buttons ? You mean just the programming ? Reprogram them. Old compact, an older CICS ? They all had the relocation feature programmable. Change the DN in programming.


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