Craft Access article from '93

Hi, I'm very interested in the Craft Access System and came across an old article in Telecom Digest, Tue 9 Nov '93.

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says you moderated, is this accurate? If I do have the right person, would you have any information on the article by "Eric Kiser" regarding the old Craft Access Terminals? Thanks a million,

Patrick Moore

Yes, I was and am the editor of Telecom Digest. I think the article you are referring to is the one printed below. I'll reprint it again in the Digest on Thursday morning and we will see if any of the current readers have any information. Who knows, Eric Kiser may still be around and may have information.

Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1993 00:06:01 -0600 From: TELECOM Moderator To: Subject: TELECOM Digest V13 #748

TELECOM Digest Tue, 9 Nov 93 00:06:00 CST Volume 13 : Issue 748

Inside This Issue: Moderator: Patrick A. Townson

Computer CNID Solution Summary Sought (Scott Coleman) Apple Newtons Recalled in Australia (Mark Cheeseman) Signaling System #7 Cost/Performance Information (Dave Munsinger) Re: Caller ID-Blocking Unblocking (Mark Steiger) Cordless Phone Systems (Delavar K. Khomarlou) Information on Mobile Data Systems/Technologies (Peter Chan) Landline Telegraph Service (Gabe M Wiener) Tech Job Available (Ian Eisenberg) ===> AT&T Craft Access Butt-Sets (Eric Kiser)

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Patrick M.
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