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These posts need a V8

The first two were from the same thread. Anyone know who the author was?

1- Having been installing and servicing alarms since before the 1980's, I'm well aware of the above. I explained how I accomplished the job several years ago -- prior to any changes -- using the panel which the OP described.

2- "Seeing as" I installed security systems for over 20 years and held a CT contractor's license I guess I was qualified at the time. I no longer install for a living but I can certainly instruct DIYers.

3- "Since you don't even have a license you're in no position to judge my qualifications. However, your oft-repeated lie about the extent of my experience is way off. I operated an alarm company in CT for over 20 years. Until I had sufficient hours to get my own ticket I employed an E1 licensed electrical contractor. I took and pssed boith the journeyman (L6) and contractor (L5) exams, obtained my license and continued to operate their until I moved to Florida a little more than three years ago."

4- I've been in this trade for over 26 years. I've never been sued yet. It sounds like you've been in the trade a relatively short time and you're

totally unconcerned about the biggest problem the industry faces. You blithely pass off the false alarms you cause with a "so what" attitude.

5- I've been in the trade 20 years. I don't recall ever typing 30 years but if I did it would have been a typing error. Perhaps you have noticed that my typing skills leave somewhat to be desired.

6- My primary area is security. I do some commercial fire, some access control and a fair bit of CCTV. I've installed, repaired or done service calls

literally thousands of times over the 26 years I've been in the trade. I've done countless takeovers from everyone from local shops to ADT, Brinks (rip out and toss junk; install real system) and every major player in the Northeast. I've worked on evwerything from ancient Holmes systems with

McCullough (sp?) transmitters to tape dialers to modern, multi-partition systems with hundreds of sensors. And I can and have pulled wire in places most guys would slap a wireless transmitter.

7- I've been in the trade for 23 years now. Although I've nothing against it, I never used a telemarketer.

8- I've been in this trade with you for 25 years. I respect guys who do a good service for their clients. I think you know that I respect you personally though we've sometimes disagreed on a few things. However, that still doesn't make alarm installation particularly complex or difficult to learn. I've been teaching amateurs (DIY'rs) to do it successfully for decades.

9- I've been in business over 28 years and I can assure you I know sales tax laws.

10- I don't fault you for doing what you believe is right, Paul. I hope you won't take it personally if I still disagree with you as to the size of the problem. Bear in mind, please, that I've been in the trade over 25 years. I know of several much larger loop holes in the typical modern alarm system.

11- I've been in this trade for 26 years. Although no one can possibly know what *everyone* charges, I do know that there are way too many that charge way too much based on what I've seen going on for over a qarter century.

12- I've been in the trade for 28 years and have had an Internet store for 8 years now. In the early years online sales were probably less than 0.1% (figure picked from midair) of the trade. Now there are tens of thousands of online dealers selling alarms all over the country. If a small dealer like me can sell better than $1.5 million a year, think what the total online alarm sales must be. Companies like Nassau and Norco do even more than I do (but not for long). Smarthome, probably the highest priced online dealer, sells close to $2M per month.

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