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ALARM> Steve Ryckman writes:

> I'm open to the concept, my real goal was to try to get more >> manufacturers involved but if the concensus of the group is that making a >> larger impression at ISC could be a bad thing, it's your group and I'll >> back it up.... or rather keep it quiet. > The question to participants of this newsgroup is: > Would you rather Steve advertise the Newsgroup at the upcoming New York ISC > show or not?

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The news group exists for the benefit of the electronic security trade and for those with an interest in it (end users). As such it would be advantageous if more members of the industry knew about the forum. The ISC show presents an opportunity to spread the word -- lots of dealers and manufacturers under one roof (or rather one fish bowl for those of you who are familiar with the Javits Center).

I think it would be an excellent idea to hand out fliers to manufacturers and dealers at the ISC show. Additionally, we should see if some of the

trade pubs would consider a public service announcement to the trade. Perhaps Reed Expo might be persuaded to include the URL in their hand-outs.

There is a valid concern among some of us about "controlled growth." However, in an alt news group control is only exercised by group pressure and consensus. Growth in the form of added input and more diversity of opinion is a good thing. For example, one new member has experience with newer Moose panels. He's been in the trade for years and has much to share. Yet he just recently discovered the very existence of our forum.

I understand the concerns of those who fear an influx of participants might bring with it a lot of spam. But spam is a fact of on-line life. Filters, group host cancels and core group pressure are effective at keeping it to a minimum. OTOH, an increase of trade and manufacturer participation would bring more knowledge to the table. We all gain immensely from the sharing of ideas, problems and solutions here. I would like to see that grow to include a more diverse segment of the trade.


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