Robert L Bass I found this too

After reading this:

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am really getting to see why everyone here, and else where treats you like the asshole that you are/were/ and still are being. Joe #3

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Joe #3
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not siding with anyone, but whoever made that site has no life..

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I didn't need to go elsewhere to notice what an jackass you are. All it took was reading some of the moronic "advice" you post plus a few of your flames.

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Robert L Bass

Really?? I haven't seen "Joe #3" post any "advice" (moronic or otherwise). You must be thinking of some other "joe"... As for flames... Only you would consider posting a link to the BBB report on your business and a few dozen Googles of your history in Usenet "flames"... I should think it would be easier to "smell the coffee in Brazil" while you're *in* Brazil... :-))

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Frank Olson

I think it's already been established that it isn't "coffee" that they smell in Brazil, when lard ass is there.

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