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Hey Group.

I have scored a "ademco alpha 6139ADT console" keypad. I want to hook it up in my front room to operate as a "scare keypad" is there anyway to set the keypad itself ( independant to any controller" to operate as a demo keypad by simply connecting it to a 12v power source. SO the keypad will light up, and the keys will beep when pressed?

Otherwise.. without connecting it to a system, whats another way to make it do this, as described

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Never tried that. I'd suggest the keypad buttons won't respond after a few presses because it's not hooked up to a control, but all the pretty lights should work (except "ready", "armed") and the display will be blank or read "D1", "Com Error", or some other trouble message... Of course, if the keypad's *stolen*, then it'll read: "This keypad has been stolen. Please contact the local authorities and have the user arrested immediately". :-))

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Frank Olson

I guess if I were a burglar I'd be pretty scared by a keypad that doesnt display anything. Maybe the op should also score an ADT lawn sign then mount the lit up 6139 right on the lawnsign with a 12 v battery and put it out on the lawn....that'd be really scary....oowwwhhh runaway!!

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