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Power Cycle
Hey all, Has anyone used or installed a 120volt power relay that would allow for a 23 hour 59 minute on time and a 1 minute off time that would then repeat the cycle?? The desire would be to have a...
1 year ago 25
Napco GEM-P9600 Strange Behavior After Power Outage
Lost power for extended period of time. Battery went dead. I have an Expansion Zone Module (EZM) and three partitions configured on the 9600. After power was restored, the following things are...
1 year ago 8
A few to make you laugh
I know it's Easter but I'm not a religious guy, So here's a few that may ma ke you laugh during this difficult time. . A teacher asks her class: ?If there are 5 birds sitting on a fence and you shoot...
2 years ago 90
Caddx NX-8 Alarm system in my home I just bought, but no codes - HELP
Hello All, I am new to this group, but desperately need your help. We bought our home and it has a Caddx NX-8 alarm system with a 148E keypad. There are no notes, information about what the master or...
2 years ago 6
Access Control Project with a Twist
Hey Guys, I have a potential project that is bending my brain a bit. A customer wants to set up an entrance door for controlled access to the building. There is a double door but just one will be...
2 years ago 16
I'm Back
Didja miss me? Hello, Hello, Hello any body there.? LOL welcome back... Well I certainly hope your 'time off' was worth it. So now, get yourself back to doing what you do!!! Welcome home Bob!! Les...
3 years ago 7
ps tools download password
uploaded the program from a panel, no problem. triedto download and a popup said enter download password. tried a bunch, no good. tried to turn off this feature, need password. called other techs who...
3 years ago
FAI Security Guard SG1, SG2, SG3, Ness Guardpost & others
As a registered security service technician, I'm here to help you. I was an installer on the FAI systems back in the 90's and I'm still servic ing them today in Victoria, Australia. I can help you...
5 years ago 6
Re: First Alert FA215 - how to replace the battery?
Thanks everyone for the good advice. Our battery just went out after a full 10 years and 8 months! The unit has been waking us up every 4 hours ARG! to complain of the battery failure. It's a Casil...
6 years ago
napco quickloader port in use
I was trying to get quickloader to use my laptops internal agere modem but I always get port in use error. I can query the modem in windows settings b ut ql will not even attempt to use it without...
8 years ago 7
I have a 5192SD detector, the red light is constantly on.
If the red light on detector is on constantly I was wondering if this is normal. Is the unit able to be reset? If unit needs to be replaced what would be the replacement model number? Thank-you Bob...
8 years ago 2
CCTV with Cat5 and what I've learned.
A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was doing my first CCTV install using Ca= t5 and Baluns. I think it was here (but maybe in other groups too) that it = was touted as being less expensive to use Cat5...
9 years ago 19
Panel is Beeping with Low Battery Warning
I have an Ademco Lynx-R Panel that is beeping about every 30 seconds. The error message says low battery warning. Is there a way to shut off the beeping until I get a new battery? Nope...I know it's...
11 years ago 6
Does anyone know about Ademco high speed protocol
Does anyone know about Ademco high speed protocol ? I'm busy writing software for an alarmsystem and it would be nice if I could implement these features. Actually, I'm new at this kind of alarm...
12 years ago 6
Ademco Vista 20P or Vista 50P system?
We are looking to install a security system on our house. Our initial research reduded the possible systems to an Ademco 20p or an Ademco 50p. Given we have no experience with these systems...
12 years ago 17
Ademco Lynx REN - Error Question
Hi: I am a DIY-er, and have a panel that has been showing some weird behavior lately. It's been showing a Low Batt indication, while showing zones 30-33. This is after the system has been armed, away...
12 years ago 10
Hayes Accura 336 vs Compass
Does anyone know a modem string that will allow a Hayes Accura 336 + fax modem to work with Compass software. The string that is in the software for the Accura 336 accesses the modem but tells me the...
12 years ago 3
Snif Security Alarm
Any one have any info on this? Only insert a snif system into your least favorite garbage can. Your favorite garbage can is likely too good for such a thing. - Chris No info, but I can probably answer...
13 years ago 5
Pull Station Height
This is a question for Nick to help keep his brain functions working. NFPA 72 says that the pull station should be mounted at 42-54" AFF ADA says that the pull station should be mounted at 48" AFF PA...
14 years ago 24
Recently I bought a FBI XL-2T alarm system. I installed it correctly. But I no idea how to program it. I read thru the instruction manual........ nothing workout sofar. Can anybody help me on this...
14 years ago 16