Does anyone know about Ademco high speed protocol

Does anyone know about Ademco high speed protocol ?
I'm busy writing software for an alarmsystem and it would be nice if I
could implement these features.
Actually, I'm new at this kind of alarm system.
ANY help would be appreciated !!!
Thank you~
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Thats a very old format, you'd be better off writing it for Contact ID
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I thought you were a big fan of SIA II.
Nah, you want to write it to send in FBII Superfast.
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Bob La Londe
Sorry but it's 20PPS 1400Hz 4/2 for me
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I liked the Adcor Superfast much betterer.
I only have a couple of those dialers out, anymore. I still have the programmer and some chips too! Maybe they'll come back in style some day.
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Sounds interesting. Could you elaborate on what you're making? I think I have a copy of the protocol on my HD. I'll send it to you if I can find the file.
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