2 or 4 wire smoke detector question.

Yes some terrorist country did receive a thank you for the wake up call ;-)

But one if them is still helping other country in finding new reason to go after America..too bad they have your support

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People living anywhere in the world don't like living under a vexing cloud of foreboding. I think it would be foolish beyond measure for any terrorists with any hopes of surviving not only as individuals, but communities, regions or nations to try to pull off another large scale attack. The level of frustration about this is so high among many I've talked too that I believe most might simply abandon principles of restraint and insist that the enemy be utterly flattened without mercy. These actions might eclipse past dark days like Japanese internment and make Saddam's trip through Kuwait look like a Sunday picnic. I don't believe the terrorist's desire of individual martyrdom carries with it a desire for total annihilation of not only their ilk, but kith and kin as well. You seem to forget that you and yours live under the same dark cloud. Since these terrorist are cowards for the most part, they would be glad to take you out even there in Canada, where you think you're safer, just because it was easy to do.

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Roland More

These guys actually expect to win. After they blew up our marine barracks in Lebanon we pulled up stakes and left. We had a chance to wipe them out but, after receiving presidential orders to hit the terrorist organizers (we knew where they were), the military decided not to fire the missiles. Terrorists learned that they could send their underlings as cannon fodder to kill Amewricans and they would get away with it.

In the current mess we had an opportunity to capture and kill Bin Laden. Instead, Dubya let him go so he could remain a threat (Bush's handlers knew that by having a live enemy they could achieve major political gains). Once again terrorists learned that they could send underlings to die killing Americans but they themselves would get away with it.

Now we have Iraq, a country that was not doing anything to us and had nothing to do with 9/11. The Idiot attacked them, dethroned their local jackass and destroyed the entire infrastructure of their country to satisfy his own ego. In the process Dubya has murdered more Americans than Bin Laden. He has created a new breeding ground for terrorists, all the while squandering not only our troops' lives and our economy, but also any goodwill which America had throughout the world. In essence, Bush has done more to foster the terrorist cause than a thousand Bin Ladens and other assorted crazies. He is the best friend they could ever have wished for.

The only way to deal with the next large-scale terrorist attack *when* (not if) it happens is to annhialate the country from whence it comes. If it comes from Saudi Arabia as 9/11 did, wipe them out. After the dust settles put up a big "Texaco" sign where the Saudi palace used to stand. :^)

If you want to win you need to know your enemy. Don't make the mistake of assuming these guys are cowards. Certainly their leaders are. You don't see Bin Laden strapping on an explosive belt. But the guys who carry out the terrorist acts are actually willing to die for what they believe. That's not cowardice. It's evil and it's insane for sure.

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Robert L Bass

The terrorist "followers" are merely brainwashed, the leaders are the cowards. I don't see the leaders doing anything to blow themselves up to avoid capture. Even Hermann Goering snuffed himself, even if it was just before he was going to swing anyway. Seems once captured the leaders are eager to rat out their brethren. I guess to the leaders that virgin thing is not all its cracked up to be. In any case we seem to agree on one thing, that is if or when the next strike occurs (unless it's French speaking Quebec) it could send the U.S. into a mode of destruction that would engulf the enemy in a location where ice never forms, maybe glass for a brief moment at the beginning of the trip.

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Just Looking

Jeeeeeeze ..... what a story teller you are.

Fables and stories.

And you actually believe them too.

Now that's the funny part.

Are you dead yet?

Make is snappy .... will ya? We'll miss your stories but .... unmmm not that much.

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