Smoke Detector Beams

Hey guys!! At least to all the (OLD) regulars. :-)
I actually have a On Topic question. With all the years
I have been doing alarms I have actually something new
of sorts.
I will be installing my second Beam Detector (single ended).
Actually, a OSI-RI-SK addressable unit.
It will be installed with a keyswitch for testing.
When I did the first a few years ago during the final inspection.
The inspector never asked me to test is, only looked at it
and everything else, only tripped off smokes and pull stations.
My question is; If the inspector wants to see a test of the
beam detector what would be the proper approved way to do so??
Is there a suggested method??
Has anyone ever had to a real test??
I have some thoughts but I was wondering what you guys think??
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Sorry Les, I've never installed one and never will.
If you recall, having told the fire marshal to shove his stupid rules and r egulations up his arrogant ass ----- I decided I would never again squat an d pee for those no nothing bureaucrats. Haven't done a commercial fire alar m in over 20 years and now I better spend my time making money rather than spending time kowtowing and doing paper work.
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Jim Davis
lol most of the state inspectors I've had dealing with were either brother, son, uncle or cousin of another state employee.. and their knowledge of fire alarms was confined to "war stories" heard around the office..
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Yes, I remember your feelings. But, I don't think you expressed them as you did above perviously. :-)
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Funny Stuff!!
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