Kitchen LV smoke with Hush button or Heat Detector?

My house is currently equipped with 120 VAC interconnected smokes. I am aware that I cannot incorporate them into my DSC panel because they will not work during AC outage.

I plan to replace them.

A smoke detector is currenly adjacent to the kitchen, about 5 feet from a wall oven. There is a 10 foot cieling, and there are frequent falses. The smoke alarm is equipped with a hush button so there is no problem.

Question: is there a LV smoke available with a hush button?

would a Heat detector be more appropriate? What is the likelihood of falses caused by cooking with a heat detector?

Also, I plan to install a heat detector in the basement near the gas HW heater and boiler. Can the kitchen HD and basement be on the same zone, or should they be separate?

I understand from other posts that HD and Smokes should be on different zones. Is this accurate?

Thanks for your help.

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If you replace the 110 interconnects with LV smokes they must be the type that have a built in sounder that a reversing relay in the panel activates. so you meet the intent of the original interconnected smokes code. other wise the 110 volt smokes must still be used. heat in kitchen you may want to use a fixed temp instead of a rate of rise /fixed which could false if to close to stove. If you use the lv option with sounder smokes the heats would need to be on a sepreate zone so they do not interfere with sounder operation.

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nick markowitz

I hope you aren't intending to use the existing wiring when you replace the 110 smokes with low voltage ones.

The wiring itself isn't as much of an issue as identifying and isolating the circuit. Around here the smokes are often in circuit with some lights so there is some obvious indication in the event of a tripped circuit breaker.

Check with your plumber and heating guys and I would bet that you could put a smoke detector in your mechanical area.

I would replace the smoke in the kitchen area with a heat detector. If that smoke is meant to cover a bedroom door then you can just place the low voltage smoke on the other side of the door or in another location that will still be in proximity of the bedroom but farther away from the kitchen.

When I bought my own house it only had smokes outside of each sleeping area (one outside the master bedroom and one outside the other two bedrooms). I fished the wires and put up low voltage smokes in and out of every bedroom and added one in the basement.

I replaced the 110 smokes with sconce lights and used 25 watt bulbs. Now I have night lights outside of the bedrooms.

Seriously, if your fire protection isn't what it should be then please get on it. If the replacement project is going to leave you without fire protection over the course of one or more nights then do not allow anyone to sleep in the house until that protection is back.

Good luck

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