Kitchen LV smoke with Hush button or Heat Detector?

My house is currently equipped with 120 VAC interconnected smokes. I am aware that I cannot incorporate them into my DSC panel because they will not work during AC outage.

I plan to replace them.

A smoke detector is currenly adjacent to the kitchen, about 5 feet from a wall oven. There is a 10 foot cieling, and there are frequent falses. The smoke alarm is equipped with a hush button so there is no problem.

Question: is there a LV smoke available with a hush button?

would a Heat detector be more appropriate? What is the likelihood of falses caused by cooking with a heat detector?

Also, I plan to install a heat detector in the basement near the gas HW heater and boiler. Can the kitchen HD and basement be on the same zone, or should they be separate?

I understand from other posts that HD and Smokes should be on different zones. Is this accurate?

Thanks for your help.

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In line.

Good idea.

Even better. However, replacing them may not be the best solution. You may have install the "LV" detectors in close proximity to the existing 110VAC ones (depending on what your AHJ has to say on the subject).

Yes. I believe Sentrol (now GESecurity) makes one. I don't recall the part number but I'm sure someone here will.

That all depends on your home's layout. NFPA requires a smoke detector/alarm in the vicinity of every bed or sleeping room. Heat detectors are best suited for kitchens, yes.

You can put them all on the same zone, but if you have the facility in your panel to place them on seperate zones, I would. This way, you have a means of identifying where the alarm is originating without having to search.


You're welcome. If I have the time later on, I'll see if I can't locate the part number of that detector from GE. You can "scour" their site yourself. It's located at

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