Converting 4-Wire Autovon Phone to 2-Wire

It seems that I am now the proud (?) owner of an ex-military 3568 Autovon phone. I would like to convert it to work on a standard

2-wire POTS line. This particular one is a 1A2-type 6-button set, with a 50-pin Amphenol connector on the end of the cable. Is there an easy way to do this (preferably using the network from a 2500 set or other easily obtainable parts) without actually modifying the innards of phone itself? Connecting pins 1 and 26 to tip and ring allows listening and dialing on line 1, but (obviously) doesn't allow transmitting speech. Ideally, I would like the phone to ring, but that isn't necessary. I don't care about whether the button lights or hold function work.

If anyone has the full pin configuration for this phone, I would be very interested. It looks like there is a buzzer and potentially other fun stuff inside it.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Scott Norwood
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