Micro Annex XL async port parameters with USR Sportster modem


I have an old Xylogics Micro Annex XL sitting around and decided that I would like to use it to add some RS232 devices to my home network. The first project that I decided to tackle was to hook up my USR Sportster modem to spit out CallerID information. In the past (when PCs had serial ports) I used this modem for the same purpose and it worked great. In conjunction with the Annex, however, I am running into some difficulties.

I have set up an Annex port (#2) in slave/hardwired mode, 9600 8N1. I am able to telnet to socket 5002 on the Annex and issue "AT" commands to the modem and receive proper responses eg. "OK" from the modem. However, with my telnet session open I am not seeing any result codes from the modem: specifically "RING" and the CallerID data when a phone call comes in. If I unplug the modem from the Annex and connect it to an ADM5 serial terminal (9600 8N1, FDX) the result codes are displayed. CTS & DTR lights on the modem show high both when the telnet session is open through the Annex and when the modem is connected to the ADM5.

It appears that something in the Annex port parameters is preventing the modem from sending out the result codes when a phone call comes in. My guess it that it is a result of some sort of flow control setting, but I am not sure which one. If anyone has any experience with this type of problem, I would appreciate a suggestion.

Thanks, Brett

Following is a partial display of my port 2 settings:

Port 2:

Port Generic Parameters

mode: slave location: "" type: hardwired term_var: "" prompt: "" speed:

9600 data_bits: 8 stop_bits: 1 parity: none max_session_count: 3 allow_broadcast: N broadcast_direction: port imask_7bits: N cli_imask7: N ps_history_buffer: 0 banner: N

Flow Control and Signal Parameters

control_lines: none input_flow_control: none input_start_char: ^Q input_stop_char: ^S output_flow_control: none output_start_char: ^Q output_stop_char: ^S input_buffer_size:

1 bidirectional_modem: N ixany_flow_control: N need_dsr: N
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