I just bought an LG-NORTEL ARIA SOHO (AR-BKSU) (MPB : DX84P-3.7Cb AUG/

07) intended to be used in my call center. The PBX was accompagned with an LDP-7224D DKT. I need to develop a CTI software to assist me in my work with the PBX and its connected stations.

since the package contained no software and only Manuals I searched on the web and found some software on a russian website (ARTKOM).

Among the software there is LDK PCADMIN and an LG-Nortel TSP, ez-phone and ez-attendant which are both kind of CTI software.

The problem is that I succeded in communicating with ARIA SOHO with LDK PCADMIN and changed parameters through both USB and LAN. but I still have these problems :

1 - ez-phone didn't work both in 1st party mode and 3rd Party mode (I installed windows server 2003 on my computer and created a domain) 2 - Tapimgmt.msc doesn't show any station connected to the LG-NORTEL Telephony Service Provider although an LDP-7224D DKT is connected to the station and which client IP address is configured through the PBX.

please help me, I need to communicate with my PBX through TAPI. but I tried so hard until now (I even passed hours translating russian forums). Any help is really appreciated even the least piece of information can help me a lot. thanks in advance.

PS : if the issue is not meant to this newsgroup please point me to the specialized newsgroup to do it.

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