2924 XL terminal port not talking

We are a small non-profit college that had a WS-C2924C-XL-EN donated to us. I am thinking of using it to replace/extend our small office network switch (that is currently using a Dlink or Linksys 16 port

10/100 switch and a couple of 8 port 10mbs hubs).

I am trying to check out how the 2924 is configured and assign an ip for administration. I cannot seem to connect to the terminal port. Of course no cables came with it, but the cisco manuals are pretty clear on which pins connect where. I soldered up a jumper cable but cannot get any response out of it. I know that I have my software (hyperterm on win98 laptop) set to 9600/8/n/1 and the PC is talking because it will talk to an external modem plugged in. (The PC will even talk to itself when I connected txd to rxd and rts to cts on a breakout box). (I'm an old hardware hacker from the 80's)

But I am not seeing _any_ chatter at all from the 2924 when I connect it up. Is there anything that would disable the terminal port that I should check? (I did connect cts to rts on the terminal port to see if that would get it to talk.) From what I can tell I have the right pins - (txd has voltage on it, rxd is 0, etc.) I didn't dig out the scope yet....

Otherwise, it appears that the switch works fine - I have plugged into random ports and didn't notice any troubles with the computers plugged into those ports. I am planning to use the fibre ports to connect to a Dlink DES1016R with fibre ports in another building next door. That seemed to work fine too. I just wanted to check to be sure there wasn't any funny stuff in the configuration before I put it into production.

On another note, I see that these 2900 series switches are dirt cheap on E-bay. Is there any reason not to snap up three or four of them to wire a college dormitory with 88 ports instead of buying new hardware at $2k or more? (We are a non-profit college, so every little bit helps...) The pipe coming in is just a wireless dsl link. Is there any reason they wouldn't keep running for another 5-10 years? Is there a dummies guide to old cisco hardware that summarizes the ins and outs of various models?

Thank you.

----- David Meed

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No, it would be pretty difficult to disable the console port. You can change speed on it, but most should leave it at 9600 baud. I assume you have the proper null modem going, or wired your cable as such (although one thing to try, not bashing on your wiring skills, is a real cisco console kit, which are a few bucks on eBay all the time?).

I'd guess that 60% of them never got setup much out of default configs..

Main thing that you wouldn't be properly licensed for it (as if that is much concern to 99% of eBay buyers.. :), and older hardware is more unreliable than newer hardware. They still work pretty well. Newer models are nicer of course, more features, easier to configure, etc. They seem a little touchy to lightning strikes, make sure to run any ethernet cables as far away as you can from the roof and walls. Typically, they'll blow 4 ports at a time from a strike. I had a power supply go out on one a few months back. Plenty of spare switches though.

No, just read through old Cisco documentation. They hide it really well, but you can find docs going all the way back to the CGS/MGS/AGS.

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Doug McIntyre

I am having a similar problem. I have three such switches all running IOS (tm) C2900XL Software (C2900XL-C3H2S-M), Version 12.0(5)WC17, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) Using the same cable and same port on the Xyplex 1620 terminal server I can access 2 of the 3 switches. Comparing the configurations on the three, they look the same, so I am at a loss to explain. Any ideas on how to get to the bottom of this is appreciated.

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Tom Linden

Download Simple Terminal Gold which display the RS232 signal leads in the top right hand corner.

DSR comes from router or switch; if it is not green the console prot is hosed

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