BCM IVR copying voice prompts problems

Hi all, I am trying to install an ivr system with BCM. I am following the manual as carefully as possible and not trying to do any funny stuff since this is my first time.

Problem. I have reached a part where I have to copy voice prompts to the BCM. I have setup the bcm in a simple workgroup with a PC back-to-back, I can ping administrate (with firefox btw works very nice

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now I have reached to part to copy the files. There is nothing in the DOCS that says that if it is wav files so I assume this. And for some wacky reason it just does not copy - like it is failing to "see" the share, I created.

Are there any issue with this.

Configuration : BCM : /

My PC : /

Also, I am getting a message about copying from a Domain PC - does this mean that I need to put the BCM in a domain. If so no where in the manual says so and if I need to go to Nortel for assistance - I do not want to look as though I am trying my own thing - outside the manuals.

Finally will the PeriView apps work in 16 colors - I put Win NT on a new PC but cannot find Win NT drivers for the video card.... Can you put the PeriView on a Win2K PC? And run in compatibility mode??

Thanks anyone for your help....

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Colin B Maharaj
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