Networking (File Sharing) Problems

There's a later version of the firmware available on the Linksys web pile. I prefer the free firmware from:

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Wrong. You're WRT54G isn't up to date and your Windoze XP Pro is certainly well behind with just SP1. Please don't say you're up to date unless you have checked first.

Lovely. What happens when you take the wireless out of the picture and just plug the two computers together through the ethernet switch in the WRT54G? Take the wireless out of the picture and see if it's a wireless issue, permissions and ownership, or whatever.

NHRC makes nice controllers. Just got an NHRC-4/MVP for an MVP based repeater. However, I do wished they would have more speech features as my CW abilities are limited.

First, check your Windoze XP setup with:

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if you missed anything, especially the permissions on the \\\\machine\\download\\ share. Right click on the shared directory icon, pick "Properties" and check if "everyone" can make changes to the shared directory. This is NOT the default. You can check the settings by running Windoze Desktop Explorer, right clicking on the \\download\\ directory, selecting "properties", and punching the "Security" tab. It will display what you are allowed to do in that directory. *ALL* the permissions must be checked for this to work correctly. Also, check the "advanced" button on that page for ownership issues.

Then, try the test using a direct cable connection without the wireless. I'm guessing it will fail the same way.

Next, to make life easy, you might want to make sure that each machine has an identical user name and corresponding password. That should eliminate the permissions problem.

Next, go to:

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start doing updates including SP2 and all later fixes. That's a huge download that may take over an hour to download and install. When it's all done, go to the control panel, find the "Windoze Firewall" icon, stomp on the "Exceptions" tab, and make sure the "File and Print Sharing" tab is checked.

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I have the Linksys WRT54G Firmware 3.03.1. One computer is connected to the router with CAT5 cable. The other is connected by a Linksys USB (WUSB54Gv4) access point. All firmware and drivers are up to date. I am using Windows XP Professional SP1a on both computers. When I try to copy files from one computer to the other, some files will copy and others will not. Let me explain a bit more. I have a directory named "download" on each computer, and a subdirectory named "nhrc" under that, on both computers. When I use two instances of Windows Explorer to copy files by drag-and-drop, some files in the directory will copy, and others will not! (They can even be a bunch of .pdf files, and some will copy, others not.) They all have the same attributes. I just get the error message "Access Denied" on certain files. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! I have also had the exact problem copying from a wireless Windows Me computer to the wireless XP computer. Any advice appreciated!

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