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Can any one help

we just replaced our CICS with a BCM 200, we got 2 IP phones, they are working fine "in our office", however I can't figure out a way to make them work in a remote site, I tried pointing the phone to the public IP of the BCM site and forwarding port 7000 to the BCM private IP address, but that didn't work, I then tried setting up a VPN tunnel using two netgear vpn routers, FVS318, while I could access all the nodes on each other site I wasn't able to ping or access the unified manager from the remote site, not to even mention using the IP phone?

any help would be greatly appreciated

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Harry Fischer
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The VPN units should work. Check your configurations and also make sure you have access to the right LAN port. IP phones only work on one or the other depending on a setting in UM somewhere.

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I actually checked all my configuration, the problem as I can see it right now is, the BCM won't talk to any node on the other side of the CPN tunnel, here is the scanerio: Office: - MASK BCM local IP:

Home: - Mask:

as an example I have a Web Server in the office on I can see the server from home simply by going to, but if I try to ping the BCM from home (ping it fails!.

I tried logging into the BCM in the office using Telnet, then accessing the commnad prompt and tried to Ping from the BCM nodes at the home LAN and it failed!, at the same time, pinging from any PC on the office LAN to any node on the home LAN was successful!.

the mind-breaking question is:


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Is the BCM configured for a static route to the VPN network? Is the BCM configured for a default gateway to the VPN router?

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That's the right approach, it's a return routing issue. Time to talk to a network admin! ;-)

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*Hint* Next Hop Router (this is the gateway setting on the BCM) This can be changed through a wizrd or in UM somewhere. b

Harry wrote:


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Look under IP telephony to see what interface VoIP is associated with. (lan

1 or lan 2)

Next check under net link manger make sure that you have set the default gateway on the next hop on primary link, under the (Permanent WAN Connection Setting) tab.

Also don't forget to turn regisrtation on under the General tab of Nortel IP terminals, Sub set of IP telephony.

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