Nortel BCM 300 - International Dialing Issue

I am using the Nortel BCM 300... and have an issue when dialing International numbers.

Business Communications Manager Version 3.7 Build 2.4f

As far as we know, we dont have International dialing blocked, and there doesnt seem to be any rules set up on the BCM. Every time we try we get a recording saying the call has been placed on a phone that has International calling blocked. I beleive its an external ISP message.

The ISP says that the BCM isnt sending out National and/or international information in the headers...

Does anyone know where I can go to fix this issue? Its actually causing our company some headaches at this time. This worked previously btw.

Thanks for any ideas...

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Chris H
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Check Dial Plan.

There are 2 Dial Plans available.



Also look at your call routing. If you notice your routes (ie 001 or 002) can be defined as Public (unknown), National or Private. This is what determines the header information and dial plan used. Also, make sure your destination codes are pointing to the right route.

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