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Greetings all,

We have a Nortel Meridian 1 Option 81C switch with a console that has the MAT software loaded in it. This is my first time I see this machine in my time with this company and someone says that they used it a long time ago to do system administration of the switch. Long story short no one remembers the login ID or password now and there's no one else that stills works with the company that would know it.

Any one out here that could help recovering this or at least get me through to change it?


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There is a default password but MAT is so buggy you will be lucky to get anything to work with the passwords anyways.

You should definitly try

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Shoot me an email and I will send you the default password, it probably hasn't been changed, but man, good luck with is a pain in the rear..

Good Luck!

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