Layer-2 transparant ethernet encryption device

I've searched the Internet over and over but cannot come up with a product that provides a sollution to our problem. I hope that somebody active in this group can help me.

My situation is that I have 1 logical datacentre which physically is divided into two separated locations. The (ethernet) LAN's in each location are connected to eachother by multiple 100Mb lan2lan ethernet circuits of a third-party telecom provider.

Over these circuits we run a 802.1q vlan trunk. (Actually datacentre 1 is implemented using 2 Nortel P8600 switches connected by an IST trunk. Datacentre 2 is implemented using 1 Nortel P8600 switch and is connected using SMLT over the provider circuits to the P8600's in datacentre 1)

Basically what I'm looking for is a layer-2 transparant device which does encryption/decryption of all traffic send over my provider circuits.

All products I've found so far are either IP/layer-3 based or are "old-school devices" which have maximum througput's of

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glen herrmannsfeldt

You might try the safenet products from Information Resource Engineering.

http:// www. safenet-inc. com


mark wrote:

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