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When I play games ZAP keeps bringing me to the desktop but I'm not sure why because I have "manual update" switched on. I say this because I'm sure that it's still updating. Would there be any other reason it brings me there? If so, is there a way to stop it?

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The games are possibly trying to connect to the Internet using a port that you have blocked. ZAP could be asking you if you want to allow the port that the game is trying to use but not seeing the pop-up on your desktop.

Just a possibility. The games could be looking for updates or things like that. Check and see if the games do have such capabilities and if so what ports they use. Then forward those ports accordingly.

I haven't used Z personally but for about a week when I tried it. I can't remember but if it has a setting to allow programs try putting your games in there to allow access if you can't find what ports they may use.

Here is the soft firewall I use. It is totally free and keeps up with the top "pay for" firewalls.

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I haven't had any problems yet. And it is program specific.

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