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I have Desktop Protector from IIS, and I'm not sure how to configure it to allow certain ports to funtion on my computer, I'm not even sure if it's the primary cause for not letting some applications to function correctly.

For example I can't use my Mozilla email cleint to access my POP email account, the email server settings require that I use port 995 and I keep getting time outs when I try to get my emails.

Another example is an application that uses port 5001, it used to not run until I shut down the Desktop Protector and it was able to run after that, I tried that with the email cleint but still I get time outs.

Thanks for your help

The CyberNomad

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setup for remote ports: browser--80,443; mail client--25,110; news reader--119 Casey

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Well, ISS Desktop Protector is using the BlackIce engine. I think you'll have to lower the Protection Level setting so that Desktop Protector will not be restrictive with the high ports above 1024. Don't you have a manual? If you don't have a manual, then you should be able to find the PDF for the manual and print it out at the ISS website.

Duane :)

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