cannot play online games

I got cable internet through Bresnan Communications and they gave me the Motorola SB5100 modem.

I can browse the net just fine but I cannot play online games like warcraft 3 or starcraft. I cannot download torrents either.

Any ideas?

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What OS?

If XP, you may have the XP Internet Connection Firewall enabled. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel, Network Connections, Local Area Connections, General tab, Properties button, Advanced tab, and uncheck the box, "Protect my computer and network....... etc", click "OK"

Description of the Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall

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HOW TO: Enable or Disable Internet Connection Firewall in Windows XP
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HOW TO: Open Ports in the Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall
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Some time ago, my wife couldn't play certain games, either. Turned out that we had to have the pop-up blocker in our firewall disabled.


Ed N.

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Ed Nielsen

change the internet connection...If the problem repeats then thereis a problem in your system.

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