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End of the world streamed live?
I think the REAL reason Putin wants to block Twitter, Facebook, and other social media in Russia is so that people cannot stream it live when the missiles go up if the Ukraine situation comes to...
2 months ago
[CFP] 4th International workshop in Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Internet-of-Things Security (AIoTS)
6 months ago
What's a good free firewall program for 64-bit W10?
Most importantly, it can prompt and block outgoing connections like programs that phone home. I used to use Conseal PC Firewall, Kerio Firewall, Outpost Firewall 2009, Norton (before 2015), and...
11 months ago 3
Bizarre behavior of a non-smart mobile phone
That a modern smartphone with Internet access and a multitude of nice features is liable of being hacked similar to a PC is evident. On the other hand, a non-smart mobile phone, of design of the...
5 years ago 4
Firewall Security Engineer-Manassas, VA-Contract to Hire#.#
Please contact me at JOB DETAILS: Job Title: Firewall Security Engineer Location: Manassas, VA Duration: 3 Month Contract to Hire Interview Method: Phone Job Summary: We are seeking a talented...
5 years ago
kerio pfw replacement:mission impossible
I've looked at half a dozen firewalls and researched forum discussions on this without success. So far I have yet to find a firewall that, like the best kerio pfw 2.1.nn accomplished the following:...
5 years ago 3
Looking for a customer of Ennetcom
Hi, erlin. I am looking for customers of Dutch company Ennetcom, the supplier of Black berrys with pre-installed PGP encryption, which was recently shut down by D utch police or anybody who can tell...
6 years ago
what is a firewall?!!
advise Entering computer term firewall at About 4,580,000 results (0.46 seconds) Google Advanced Search
6 years ago 1
My IP is being leaked by WebRTC. How do I disable it? (WebRTC STUN
My IP is being leaked by WebRTC. How do I disable it? WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is an API drafted by the W3C that supports browser-to-browser applications for voice calling, video chat, and...
6 years ago 2
Anyone Still Making High End Firewall Implemented as a Windows Application?
Earlier versions of Checkpoint Firewall-1 were implemented as an application running on Microsoft Windows. Microsoft also made a great firewall ISA Server that became the Forefront firewall, and then...
6 years ago 3
Could someone tell me what this line, that's been added to my router configuration at some stage, might be for: iptables -t nat -I POSTROUTING -o eth1 -j SNAT --to Thanks. Drat, of course I meant:...
6 years ago 10
BITPERM, a simple encryption scheme (with authentication) based on bits,permutation and dynamic bytes substitution
The software is available at: M. K. Shen Code: Select all #[space]BITPERM,[space]a[space]simple[space]encryption[space]scheme[space](with[space]authentication)[space]based[space]on[space]bits
6 years ago
Simple feasibility of embedding a back door into a proprietary software for RSA key generation
I have just tried out an idea of maartin in another Usenet group many years ago of how one could introduce a back door into a proprietary software (or defacto similarly into a huge and poorly...
7 years ago
AES/Python, an implementation of AES in Python with examples of counter mode operations and encryption (with authentication) with PCBC (block-chaining)
The implementation of AES in this software follows the pseudo-code in FIPS-197 very closely and neglects all feasible optimization tricks so as to maximize the readability and hence ease of...
7 years ago
RANDOMPREFIX, an encryption scheme based on dynamic bytes substitution and pseudo-random prefix-coding
The software is available at: For constructive critiques and comments I should be very grateful. The binary result of encryption can e.g. be transported as an attachment file in a normal email system...
7 years ago