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I've been using Zone Alarm Pro 3.0 for some time on a Win98 machine but have recently moved to an XP one.

What I'm now finding is that ZAP is taking a very long time to load. It thrashes at the disk for over a minute. Since the program is less than 1/2 MB it must be doing something other than loading.

Can anyone out there give me a clue to why it takes so long, or if there's any way to speed it up?

Was it always that slow but only noticeable now that the rest of XP loads so much faster than Win98?

Thanks for listening.


PS My partner upgraded to Win2k and has noticed the same behaviour.

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Joan Edington
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Hi Joan,

Have you turned off your XP Internal Firewall? I've read that you can't use it along with ZAP. I downgraded to ZAP 4.046 when the versions 4.5 and above started causing big problems. IMO, don't be tempted to update to the latest version of ZAP to cure your problem. Good luck.

charlie R

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