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Hi, i ask you if you have some real expereince to using smoothwall in a medium/big company. I want to use this products for my customers but i am not sure regarding the affidability. I suppose that it works fine and for home user o small netwark it can be the best solution, but i don't know if it is a good idea to use in a company whit oround 100 employes. And also using the the basic product (without mods o custom plugin) seems not well regular updated. The last fix9 was released a lot of months ago. In the basic configuration i don't see the nothing to update IDS Snort or Squid.

Thanks in advance for your experience and point of view!


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Is IBM big enough?

This may be of interest - _Shorewall_ on an IBM Mainframe:

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Leaf is an iptables set-up configured with Tom Eastep's excellent Shorewall - and importantly there's first-class support on the Bering Leaf mailing list.

Jim Ford

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Jim Ford

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