Call Pilot Desktop Messaging

I am having an issue with the desktop application not remembering the
VM password after the initial logon. I have examined the registry and
Windows XP local policy and cannot find what will be keeping it from
caching the password. The first time you log in after install, the
check box to remember the password is available but each time after
that, it is greyed out. Does anyone have any suggestions? Call Pilot
4.0, Desktop Messaging Microsoft Outlook 2003 SP2 on
Windows XP Pro.
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Ensure that the class of service for the mailbox you're trying to log into has the ability to save the password. To check this, look under the mailbox class page for the checkbox "Allow user to set remember password".
~ Mike
Stephen wrote:
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Michael Andrews
Michael, Thank you so much! I am new to Call Pilot and was looking in all the wrong places.
Michael Andrews wrote:
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