What security suite is good with Firefox?

Hello, I am a newbie here. Can anyone assist or tell me where I can find a general internet security newsgroup or source of information?

I was just about to replace Norton with PC-cillin when I found out it is apparently not Firefox compatible.

Any ideas on other security suites that work well with Firefox - or not?

Zone Alarm seems to get a good press except for wireless.

I am a home user with: a broadband connection XP with SP2 Microsoft (ex Giant) AntiSpyware, Ad Aware & Spybot

I use Firefox except for pages that won't work with it I use Outlook Express because it can automatically fetch my Hotmail mail. I have a Belkin F5D7630 ADSL modem/wireless router wired to my desktop and wireless to a laptop that has an old Belkin card that only supports WEP. Don't chat, use messaging or play games. Occasionally do a bit of file sharing. Not worried about parental controls.

I don't really want to mess about with components from different companies if possible Automatic updates or reminders would be good Don't mind paying a bit but would rather not have to pay for separate licences for the desktop and laptop.

Any ideas gratefully received Please reply to group. Many thanks Hugh

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What exactly are you searching for?

The Windows-Firewall is a good idea. Additionally, you can use a Virus Scanner. Both should be no problem with Firefox at all.

Hm... this is fishy. Microsoft seem not to be clear, what they're thinking; this one is better:

formatting link

Are you using the NAT and the filtering functionality? Would be a good idea.

Yours, VB.

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