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So I'm buying a wireless router to get online. I've decided on D-Link AirPlus DI-524 Wireless Router. For the client end, should I get the adaptor card for the desktop? PC card for my notebook? or USB adaptor for both desktop and notebook?

It looks like USB adaptor is the most compatible and simple solution. It can be plugged into a notebook or a desktop with ease. But is it as fast as the other two choices? Sometimes I feel USB is slow when I used it to download pictures from my SONY camera. What do you think?

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I use the DI 524, works fine. I use a simple Ethernet card in my "main" PC and in my son's room since they already had the cable in place. Installing a NIC card is a 10 minute job. My wife's notebook has the DWL G630 adapter card. I try to avoid USB if possible for any type of networking. You might want to check at a Best Buy store if there is one around. I bought my router and PC card in a package for $20.00 after rebates.

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ruthless wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@4ax.com:

USB is OK for it's (supposed) ease of use, but having too many USB devices can hurt performance. If you look under Device Manager, you'll see that the hardware IRQ's are shared by USB ports. My wife's computer has 6 USB ports, and all 6 share the same hardware IRQ.

So connecting more than one high-throughput device, IMO, would be a mistake, as in a USB NIC and an external USB HD.

There are plusses to it as you can use it on more than one computer, and they are relatively cheap.

My recommendation is to wire the desktop, and you can do wireless for the laptop.

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