New Laptop Slows Existing Wireless Network?

Anyone have any ideas why getting a new laptop with wireless would slow down my existing wireless network? Here is the situation. I have been running a Belkin 802.11b router and a Dell Dimension desktop with Belkin 802.11b PCI card for over a year with no problems. I occasionally also use a Dell Latitude laptop with internal 802.11b and it also has always worked fine. WEP 128 bit encryption is turned on.

Now the problem. I just got a new Dell Latitude laptop with internal

802.11b/g wireless. It works just fine. Everything else also works fine as long as the new laptop is sitting right next to the older computers. However, if I take the new laptop to another room, the wireless signal on the desktop computer goes to zip, acording to the Belkin monitor. The desktop's network connection barely works. The new laptop continues to work fine. This problem does not happen if I take the older laptop to a different room.

I tried changing a few settings on the new laptop, RTS/CTS mode and

802.11b only, but it did not help. Any ideas? One question: do you have to reboot after changing the wireless settings? There was no indication so I did not reboot.


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