Version 6

I see that version 6 is out.

I have a big green tick in the firewall is up to date box on the OVERVIEW | STATUS screen..

Why does my (free version) version 5.5 show that my firewall is up to date?

I have automatic checking enabled. And if I click on the check for updates button it reports back that all is up to date.

Am I missing something here.

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Yeah. Rather, I'd say you were missing a *lot*, here.

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Vrodok the Troll

No you're missing nothing. It is a rather perverse way for a product to work. I discovered there was a new version quite by accident, probably in this newsgroup, or an email from PCWorld.

It is not the only product to behave that way. As far as the previous version is concerned, you are all up to date. AdAware worked the same way prior to their SE Personal version. I ran for months on the old (Rel 6, I think) before discovering I was in fact NOT up-to-date.

And, even though I had registered and asked for notifications of updates from ZA, I didn't, and haven't, received one.

But, for free, maybe I shouldn't complain too much. It does work (well, except for the Pass-Lock function, which seems to have disappeared).

- Glen


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