Cyberoam UTM..anyone heard of it? How does it compare to Fortigate?

Someone gave my boss a brochure on Cyberoam from Elitecore and she's having them come in to do a demo. I had mentioned fortigate to her a few months ago and she ignored me. Can anyone tell me who the better UTM manufacturers are? Does anyone know how these two compare? I already contacted fortinet and I am researching but there is nothing like hands on experience.


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Never heard of the product. Take a look at the Sidewinder G2.

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I am also compairing between cyberoam and Fortigate. Can anybody give me the main differences between the two??

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Both are good UTMs and both provide entire gateway security suites.But Cyberoam has an edge over Fortinet in reporting, ease of use, after sale support..etc..etc...its real value for money.

ar> I am also compairing between cyberoam and Fortigate.

Can anybody give me

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I have been using cyberoam CR50i for about a year now. Before that i was using fortigate 50 series. Cost wise cyberoam is cheaper than fortigate. Cyberoam's Antivirus is comparatively very strong and i am a fan of it. There are cases wherein a virus may creep in through fortigate, but i found cyberoam handling those cases very well. Apart from that cyberoam gives on-appliance reporting, which is a must have feature for my organization. In fortigate, you will have to pay extra for reporting.

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The two Sygate arrows in the tray are monitors for packet flow. UP arrow indicates outgoing packets Down arrow indicates incoming packets Red arrow indicates Blocked packets Green arrow indicates Allowed-to-Pass packets These details are located at the toolbar Help button. Find therein: 'Shortcut to the Software-the System Tray Icon' This info is from my Sygate Pro 5.5 I have been using Sygate for many many years and it is an outstanding firewall (since v4) Someone above stated it is old and obsolete because you cannot d/l sig. updates. The firewall part of Sygate provides everything need in a firewall (assuming the user knows how to set it up). When anyone is concerned with viruses/trojans, they should run a separate anti virus/trojan program. Suggestion: With the down arrow lit, disconnect from internet. If the down arrow goes out, your Sygate program is probably o.k. If the arrow stays lit, you probably need to uninstall Sygate and reinstall it. Let us know how you come out. Casey

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Cyberoam is one of the best hardware firewall or UTM device available at relatively low cost compared to other brands.

You can get cyberoam UTM in Mumbai -

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